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The 2017 ZCAM program is ready

The 2016 ZCAM program is now finished!

Reunión de Usuarios y Desarrolladores de Métodos de Simulación de Aragón

Links to articles on Modeling

The wikipedia page on MD

The wikipedia page on Monte Carlo

The SklogWiki page, an open-edit encyclopedia on statistical thermodynamics, oriented towards computer simulations and theoretical studies.

Following some discussions that took place at the Electronic Structure Workshop in Trieste this January 2011, a Wikipedia page has been set up in an attempt to initiate and organize a so-called The electronic structure Task Force,

Historic papers

The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam paper

Special LANL issue on Ulam Special issue on S. Ulam

Interview of Mark Kac and Stan Ulam by Mitchell Feingenbaum

Nick Metropolis on ENIAC

Edward Teller on Oppenheimer

Stephen Wolfram on the Cellular Automata


Local links

Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems

Zaragoza city
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