2017 activities poster available here

The 2017 ZCAM program is ready

The 2016 ZCAM program is now finished!

Reunión de Usuarios y Desarrolladores de Métodos de Simulación de Aragón

User's space

Users of Zcam site environment have access, through the User's space menu or here to following possibilities :
  • Registration
    Registration is required to have the possibility to make proposals (workshops, tutorials, conferences,...)
    Personal eMail is the user's identification
    Registration is made in two steps: a form has to be completed; the system send a mail to the user's address, mail with a link to confirm the registration demand; a provisonal password is then issued.
  • Login
    eMail address and password give access to the user's environment
  • Private space
    User's environment
    View and/or edit user's profile
    Write, View and/or edit the summary of user's proposals
    Change password
  • Proposals

    Registered user can, after signing in,

    Add, View, Edit proposal(s) (and upload a logo .gif file
    Manage proposals
    Add a participant
    Edit a participant data
    Add/Edit a contribution (including upload of files in relation to given proposal)
    Manage his/her user's profile
    Change password
Of course, registration is NOT required to browse the Zcam news and the proposed activities !