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Reunión de Usuarios y Desarrolladores de Métodos de Simulación de Aragón

Charge and Spin Transport in Chemically Modified Graphene Materials

Jean-Christophe Charlier, UCL
Pablo Ordejon, CIN2
Stephan Roche, CIN2

DATE OF EVENT : 07/04/2011       DURATION : 2 day(s)

LOCATION : Barcelona
URL : http://www.cecam.org/workshop-583.html


This workshop will be the first attempt to bring together the ab initio community involved in charge and spin transport at the nanoscale level with the mesoscopic transport community more focused on the simulation of large scale disordered materials. The workshop will gather the leading initiatives in the development of multiscale computational strategies, with a special focus on the control of charge and spin transport in chemically modified graphene based materials (two-dimensional graphene and graphene nanoribbons). The coupling between vibration and transport will be also included as one important direction for further innovation in sensing devices or nanoelectromechanical systems. The workshop thus aims at a complete coverage of innovative computational methods applied to study charge and spin transport in complex graphene. Here below a preliminary list of topics

(i) Electronic structure, charge and spin transport properties of graphene (2D and nanoribbons)
(ii) Structure, defects, edges, impurities, ripples, chemical functionalization
(iii) Spin-orbit coupling modelling
(iv) Magnetism in defected graphene
(v) Spintronics devices simulation
(vi) Coupling vibration with charge and spin transport, nanoelectromechanical effects
(vi) Multiscale modelling strategies