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Reunión de Usuarios y Desarrolladores de Métodos de Simulación de Aragón

RGD28: 28th International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics

Prof. Michel Mareschal, ZCAM
Prof. Andres Santos, Univ Extramadura
Prof. Alfonso Tarancon Latifa, BiFi, Univ Zaragoza

DATE OF EVENT : 09/07/2012       DURATION : 5 day(s)

LOCATION : ZCAM Campus Actur C/ Mariano Esquillor s/n Edificio I+D 50018 Zaragoza
URL : http://rgd28.z-cam.es


RGD28 will be the 28th edition of a series of International Symposia which started in 1958 and have become the main forum for scientific and engineering fields of Gas Dynamics. The RGD series is held every other year, it gathers several hundreds of participants and gives rise to proceedings publishing.

The 28th edition will be held in the Escuela de Ingenieros de la Universidad de Zaragoza early July 2012. Zaragoza is easily reached by air and has high-speed train connections to both Barcelona and Madrid. It is hosting ZCAM, the Spanish node of the Cecam network.

International Advisory Committee

T. Abe (Japan) K. Aoki (Japan) S. Borisov (Russia)
R. Campargue (France) M. Capitelli (Italy) J. Fan (China)
A. Frezzotti (Italy) M.A. Gallis (USA) R. Gatignol (France)
F. Huisken (Germany) M.S. Ivanov (Russia) A.D. Ketsdever (USA)
E.L. Knuth (USA) M.N. Kogan (Russia) G. Koppenwallner (Germany)
G.M. Kremer (Brazil) E.V. Kustova (Russia) D. Levin (USA)
E.P. Muntz (USA) T. Niimi (Japan) A.K. Rebrov (Russia)
A. Santos (Spain) B. Shizgal (Canada) H. Struchtrup (Canada)
I. Wysong (USA)