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EMTCMM School on Molecular Excited States

Prof. Manuel Alcamí,
Prof. Alberto Castro,
Prof. Inés Corral,
Prof. Jesús González Vázquez,

DATE OF EVENT : 09/03/2015       DURATION : 5 day(s)

LOCATION : ZCAM Campus Actur C/ Mariano Esquillor s/n Edificio I+D 50018 Zaragoza
URL : http://www.cecam.org/workshop-891.html


The theoretical study of molecular excited states is a topic of growing interest due to its potential applications in many areas. The development of faster computers and new methodologies has allowed the study of increasingly large systems and also to consider the time evolution of their excited states. This is an area of interest for many PhD and master students working in photochemistry or photophysics, not only within a theoretical framework but also experimental. In our experience this subject requires combining theory and practice for the students to fully understand the concepts and methods.

The school we propose on "Molecular Excited States", coorganized together with the XLIC COST ACTION CM1204, is open to European master and PhD students and postdocs with interest in the static and time dependent description of chemical reactions at molecular level occuring in medium to big size systems. The level of the school will correspond to master or doctorate students in the areas of Physics and Chemistry. Students of the European Master in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling and
members of the XLIC action will be specially encouraged to attend the School, contributing to the reinforcement of the contacts with other Masters and European initiatives.